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  • Dispatch ordering via web & EDI
  • Smart shipment stacking
  • Automatic trip planner/optimisation
  • Google map based, others available
  • Automatic updates to truck driver
  • 24x7 web access with item data
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Invoicing on the fly, pre-invoicing
  • Smart product availability check
  • Warehouse management
  • Assign packages to single shipment
  • Barcodes for DHL, UPS, FedEx, ...
  • Smart performance report
  • Customised in-depth analysis

We provide clever Logistic Management Software based on decades of experience with many types of customers.

Our main solution X-celerate offers you everything you need... and more


X-celerate software is intelligent, easy to master and intuitive to use. It enables you to quickly plan the whole delivery operation, easily manage your distribution network, and keep track of product availability in your warehouse. Automated optimisation tools and filters speed up the management process saving your valuable time, while leaving you free to customise all details as necessary.


Courier management has never been easier!

Courier, Express and Parcel companies, large and small, rely on X-celerate every day

Our solutions are used by big multinational logistic players, serving hundreds of trucks and thousands of customers, as well as smaller carriers with only a limited capacity.

The modular approach in our solutions enables us to tailor the right solution for your needs, now and in the future!

Logistic Management Solutions

We provide solutions for packet, parcel and cargo management, from order to delivery, web access (ordering and tracking), customs, reporting, customer services and accounting.

We offer a full 24 x 7 service for your mission-critical needs in CEP solutions

No paperwork


All our systems are

paperless, from order and

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